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from ZERO to HERO

A coffee professional becomes a caffeine-fueled superhero, donning a cape made of coffee filters. They nurture coffee seeds like their own children, protect them from pests, roast them to perfection, and brew magical elixirs that awaken the world. It's a quirky and delicious journey from seed to cup, with endless coffee-fueled adventures along the way.

Coffee Farm with Coffee Flowering

Our Story

Welcome to sensory ZERO Coffee Roasters! We're a passionate team of "Q Graders" who go the extra mile to bring you the finest specialty coffee from exotic regions and farms around the world. With our in-house roasting expertise, we create espresso blends and single-origin coffees that are bursting with flavor and character.

We believe that a good cup of coffee should be an experience worth savoring. That's why we pour our hearts into perfecting our extraction philosophy, aiming to deliver the most delightful and enjoyable coffee moments for everyone. If you love creamy and indulgent milk coffees, our espresso blend is a dream come true. It's carefully crafted to give you that classic cappuccino with a rich, nutty milk chocolate taste and a luscious caramel finish.

For those who prefer a straight-up, bold coffee experience, our bright and fruity shots will hit the spot. Picture yourself sipping on a floral and fruity latte that embodies the spirit of new wave coffee. It's a refreshing twist that will keep you coming back for more.

But here's the real magic: our espresso blend is the result of our endless curiosity and dedication to creating something truly exceptional. We've combined specialty coffee from the Americas and East Africa, hand-picking the finest washed and natural beans to achieve a perfect balance of flavors in every cup.

At sensory ZERO, we're all about sharing the love for great coffee from one person to another. We believe that every cup tells a story, and we're here to make yours an unforgettable one. So come on in, explore our selection, and let us take you on a journey through the artistry and joy of specialty coffee. Cheers to delicious moments together!

Meet The Team

Meet Dixon, a humble yet influential figure in the global coffee community. With over 15 years of coffee roasting experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. As a certified CQI Q Arabica InstructorⓇ, Dixon has dedicated himself to sharing his passion and elevating the standards of coffee evaluation and grading. His contributions extend beyond education, as he co-founded sensory ZERO roastery cafe and COFFEE LAB Asia for coffee education. Dixon's impact as a judge and representative in World Coffee Events competitions showcases his commitment to excellence. Through his various roles and ventures, Dixon continues to inspire and shape the global coffee industry.

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